Air conditioning service

Heat Wave :

was established in 1997, and since that time, it has been the name that locals have been depending on.

For all your air conditioning service and repair , in  the next monument , all you have to do is call us .

we have all your ac needs in our stock , along with our knowledge finally in one place . In your back yard .

We can help with heating ,cooling ,parts, sales and service. You can also click here for underfloor heating solutions.

Heat wave it self , has been the name that locals, in Jordan rely on for getting all of their heating, cooling and indoor air service needs ,with the highest quality. As a family owned business, we are honored and proud to announce being able to provide outstanding service to our friends, neighbors and fellow community members.

We are involved in taking care of your family , by keeping them at best comfort level .

I am highly concerned , with proving that there is no air conditioning company on this land that can beat us in terms of customer service .

I am offer the highest and most superior quality service , characterized by a unique personal touch. We are enthusiastic to get your appreciation for our commitment to quality workmanship and customer service